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Developer: Introversion Software, 2005, UK
IGF Award: Winner Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Winner Technical Excellence, Winner Innovation in Visual Art

image from darwinia
Darwinia. Image: Introversian Software
This award-blitzing game has players impressed with its refreshingly original gaming experience.

Set in a virtual Tron-like theme park, players create and manage squads of programs to defeat a viral infection and to return the land to its natural inhabitants - the Darwinians.

Darwinia draws on the best in classic games such as Lemmings.

developer's statement
Introversion's primary aim is to be absolutely fearless in creating new and innovative games with every project. Each game released will be unique amongst Introversion's games and will be unique in its own right. This creative freedom is possible because Introversion is entirely owned by its Directors and has been self-funded since the start.

With Darwinia, Chris wanted to create a world the Player had never seen before; something that was visually incredible, without getting involved in the pursuit of photorealism. Darwinia is a melting pot of retro videogame references and styles, primarily from the 1980s - both in terms of the Tron-inspired visuals, the arcade gameplay and the authentic eight-bit sound of arcade machines and home consoles from the same era. Taking three years to develop, Chris and the development team experimented for over eighteen months before settling on the final style and gameplay.

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