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professor fizzwizzle

Developer: Grubby Games, Canada, 2005
IGF Award: Nominee Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Nominee, Innovation in Audio

image from professor fizzizzle
Professor Fizzwizzle. Image: Grubby Games
This appealing logic game plays on a primal need to solve puzzles.

Against a back story of a brilliant but absentminded Scientist, thrown out of his lab by his 'haywire' bots, this side-view platform puzzler eases gamers in and then bumps up the difficulty.

The lively music, cartoonish graphics, intuitive menus and extras (including a level editor and unlockable photos) rely less on player's reflexes and fast timing and more on cognitive power. A game for all ages.

developer's statement
At Grubby Games we feel that something is being forgotten in this era of multimillion-dollar games with cutting-edge graphics. As lifelong gamers, we understand that flashy graphics are much less important than solid gameplay. We're passionate about developing games that are beautiful, easy to learn, and above all, fun. We want to provide players with games we would love to play ourselves! Professor Fizzwizzle was intended as a throwback to the classic puzzle and platform games that just don't seem to be produced anymore. Lemmings, The Incredible Machine, Chip's Challenge, and Lode Runner were all strong inspirations.

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