siggraph asia 2008 presentation Synthetic Character in an Imperfect World

Unclassified 18+


Artists have created representations of human beings for thousands of years in a wide range of media and artforms. With computers today, it is possible to create image representations that are more optically 'perfect' than ever before. But what makes a character 'realistic'?

In this presentation, Vibeke Sorensen, distinguished artist and professor working in digital multimedia and animation, will explore related aesthetic and scientific issues before introducing Chris Landreth's computer-generated film Ryan (14 mins, Canada, 2004), winner of the 2004 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Presented by ACMI in association with SIGGRAPH Asia 2008. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 is organised by ACM SIGGRAPH, whose focus is on leading edge computer graphics and technologies and who organises acclaimed annual SIGGRAPH events. 

Dates   Tue 3 Jun 2008, 6pm
No Longer Available
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