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horde of directors

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artist(s): Ian Bogost & T. Michael Keesey
country of origin: USA
technology: Flash


Horde of Directors explores the incestuous interconnections between corporate and government power. You play a social activist who is trying to directly influence the board of a real corporation - but your arguments are quickly reduced to slogans and your interaction to repetitive clicking. Inspired by Josh On's They Rule web site, the ironic gameplay is designed to parallel the enormity and thanklessness of the activist's task.

artist statement
Horde of Directors puts the player in the role of an activist trying to advance a social agenda in the complex world of interrelated corporate and government interests. By creating a simplified experience of corporate interconnectedness, the game embodies the challenges of overcoming corporate and government nepotism in the name of social causes.

Drawing on data from 2002 Ars Electronica Golden Nica winner They Rule, by Josh On, players choose a real corporation or organisation to influence, and set to work having heated arguments with the organisation's actual board of directors. But players quickly learn that every board director leads to a whole new network of cohorts who sit on other influential corporate boards and government organisations. The simple, sometimes repetitive gameplay gives the player a first-hand experience of the Sisyphean struggle to be heard.

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