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the bushgame

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: Starving Eyes Inc./Jason Oda
country of origin: USA
technology: Flash

WARNING The Bushgame contains medium level animated violence, medium level language, nudity and sexual references. Opinions expressed in all games are those of the artist/s

The most fun you'll ever have engaging with a critique of the Bush government's taxation laws! Created as personal pop propaganda in the lead-up to the 2004 USA election The Bushgame pays tribute to the conventions of arcade games, offering scrolling and jumping, boss levels and cut scenes. It tips its political heart by allowing you to play based on issues as well as linear gameplay.

Michael Moore, in his efforts to bring his film Fahrenheit 9/11, into the public domain had to deal extensively with lawyers, distributors, publishers and issues of classification. These factors ensure that a rigor has been applied to the discussion of events in the film and that they contain nothing that contravenes laws governing copyright, vilification and defamation.

The World Wide Web however is an unregulated space, which enables people to publish information without the constraints of such systems. When viewing self published content on the web it is important to consider the conditions of its creation, its intention and its place in a larger discourse. It is also important to consider that it has not been subject to the laws that govern other areas of publication. These are things that need to be considered when viewing The Bushgame as a web based opinion piece.

artist statement
'The Bushgame was created between March and May of 2004. The Bushgame combines humor, opinion and fact to bring an entertaining and informative video game adventure to people everywhere. The use of this medium will hopefully reach many people who have not had the time or interest to read up on some of the appalling things that have taken place in our government and society over the past four years.' Jason Oda

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