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cambiemos (let's change)

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artist(s): Gonzalo Frasca/Powerful Robot Games
country of origin: Uruguay (2004)
technology: Flash


'Cambiemos' is Spanish for 'Let's Change', the campaign theme of the left wing coalition party Frente Amplio (Broad Front) in the 2004 Uruguayan presidential election. It offers a simple metaphor, a jigsaw puzzle, put together to create a future of prosperity and peace. Designed to reach out to young people with its message of hope, Cambiemos was the first game to be commissioned by a Uraguayan political party. 

In October 2004, after more than 170 years of conservative governments, the Frente Amplio won by a landslide.

artist statement
'This game was commissioned by the Frente Amplio party, a Uruguayan left-wing coalition that ended up by winning the recent Presidential elections by a landslide. The country's economy was devastated after the sequels of the Argentinean crisis, so the Frente Amplio wanted a way to reach the youth and tell them that there was still hope, that change was still possible. Cambiemos (Let's Change) was designed with simple mechanics, to illustrate how solidarity can lead to social change.' Powerful Robot Games

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