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Don't miss the 'classics' of the future!

For this monthly program, ACMI casts its vote for the films we think represent the best in current filmmaking from around the globe.

What makes a classic film? Is it the calibre of a director, the magnetic screen presence of a star, the breaking of an unknown talent, the social context in which a film is created, a resounding audience response, or an elusive combination of the above?

Each year thousands of films are produced, with only a portion making it to our local screens. Head to ACMI for Future Classics so that in a decade you can say you saw it before everyone else!

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Email futureclassics@acmi.net.au to nominate your own future classic.

thumbnail for silent waters

silent waters

The story of a restless youth, Saleem, his beautiful and ambitious girlfriend, Zubeida, and his widowed mother, Ayesha.

thumbnail for i am a sex addict

i am a sex addict

Award-winning cult filmmaker Caveh Zahedi returns with 2005's most confrontational, unabashedly honest and hilarious documentary.

thumbnail for the taste of tea

the taste of tea (cha no aji)

Ishii Katsuhito (Shark Skin Man) returns with a delightful family portrait set amongst the beauty of cherry blossoms and paddy fields.

thumbnail for the white diamond

the white diamond

Werner Herzog's entertaining and poetic documentary about eccentric inventor Dr Graham Dorrington.

thumbnail for aaltra


A hilarious 'wheelchair' road movie, Aaltra has charmed audiences worldwide with its wonderfully deadpan and irreverent humour.

thumbnail for tokyo godfathers

tokyo godfathers

Popular anime director Satoshi Kon's fabulous adaptation of John Ford's Three Godfathers (1948).

image from the agronomist

the agronomist

Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) provides a deeply moving portrait of assassinated Haitian activist Jean Dominique.

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