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ocular ink

Developer: Pistachio Productions, Grinnell College / University of Washington, 2005, USA
IGF Award: Winner, Student Showcase

 image from ocular ink
Ocular Ink. Image: Pistachio Productions
Play an eyeball wielding a heavenly paintbrush on a mission to save your hometown from evil dismembered body parts.

Using the surprisingly versatile paintbrush, players paint lines and shapes to make magic spells, and flick rocks to beat their enemies.  

The game is designed so that when the player flicks their wrist, real influences such as direction, orientation and speed affect the in-game trajectory of their rock. This gestural interface, in which the physical action of the player is mimicked in the game world, offers more intuitive control than traditional button presses.

developer's statement
As student developers building a game for the fun of it, our overriding goal with Ocular Ink was simply to do something different. That's why the game takes place in a world of giant body parts, and why the player feeds commands into the game by painting pictures on the ground. When faced with two different game designs, monetary concerns force commercial developers to choose the one with the largest mass-appeal, whereas we routinely select the riskier, more experimental option.

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