masters of animation: phil mulloy


phil mulloy: the sound of music

An acerbically funny retrospective of provocative works from award-winning animator, Phil Mulloy. These blunt, sardonic fables, drawn in brush and ink, challenge contemporary values, are an antidote to all that is kitsch and sentimental and perceptively comment on human nature. Don't be put off by the preoccupation with death, disorder and dissolution in Mulloy's films. There is also a fiercely black comic wit at work here. Definitely not for the squeamish or prudish, this compilation features sex, violence and scenes sure to outrage horses!

Cowboys: the Conformist

1992, 3 mins, 35mm

Cowboys: Outrage

1992, 3 mins, 35mm

Cowboys: That's Nothin'

1992, 3 mins, 35mm

The Sound of Music

1993, 11 mins, 35mm

History of the World, Ep. 16: the invention of writing and its destruction

1994, 4 mins, 35mm

The Ten Commandments, 1: Thou shalt not adore false gods

1995, 5 mins, 35mm

The Ten Commandments, 2: Thou shalt not commit blasphemy

1995, 5 mins, 35mm

The Ten Commandments, 3: Remember to keep holy the Sabbath

1995, 6 mins, 35mm

The Ten Commandments, 4: Honour thy father and thy mother

1995, 4 mins, 35mm

The Ten Commandments, 5: Thou shalt not kill

1993, 3 mins, 35mm


2000, 15 mins, 35mm

Intolerance II: The Invasion

2001, 15 mins, 35mm

(total running time: 77 mins)


If Phil Mulloy's style tickles your fancy, check out Neurotica: Middle-age Spread and Other Life Crises, a blackly comic compilation of Canadian animated shorts addressing urban isolation, loneliness and other neuroses. Find this title and 35,000 more at the ACMI Lending Collection.

Dates   Thursday 8 April 2004, 7pm
Saturday 10 April 2004, 5pm
Admission   Adults $12 Concession $9
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