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IGF Award: Audience Award (Web/Downloadable Category)

developer: Metanet Software
country of origin: Canada
year: 2005


A unique 2D puzzle/platformer which adds modern physics simulation to classical gameplay; with the addictiveness of Tetris, the simplicity of Pacman, and the intangible hilarity of ninja dismemberment. Though using only simple keyboard controls, players require sharp reflexes to complete and unlock levels created for, and by, the strong fan-base that surrounds this free, flash-based game. For the developers of N, accessibility and participation are important aspects of the game.

developer's statement
We made N to prove that a 'real video game' could be developed using Flash/Actionscript. Also, we felt that modern video games were becoming too serious and story-based, too dependent upon superficial qualities, and had lost sight of what should be the basis of every great game: fun gameplay.

We decided to release N as freeware because it was inspired by many of our favourite freeware games, such as Doukutsu Monogatari, Soldat, Gish and Parsec47.

developer bios & credits

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