sub_scape proof

Sarah Waterson and Kate Richards
Australia, 2004
image from sub_scape proof
Image: sub_scapePROOF

sub_scapePROOF is aimed at the interstices of metaphorical truth and material evidence.

Artists Waterson and Richards have populated the sub_scape generative system with recently televised political rhetoric and confessional TV shows. Mapped onto these are several inspirational, poetic and philosophical texts, in a composition with global data that relates to material and environmental amenities in various post-colonial locations.

sub_scapePROOF critiques the notion of evidential, superficial 'truth', in a post-faith age. By mapping data from post-colonial locations back onto the language of superpower politics, sub_scape generates a playful and ironic critique on the traditional politics and power dynamics of knowledge-through-mapping.

Playing on the emergent aesthetic and sense-making behaviours of the datasets - deploying turbulence, balance, recursive effects and pattern formation - creates a 'truth' more Baroque than Cartesian, and 'meaning' more symbolic than fixed.

Dates   Thursday 9 December 2004 - Sunday 13 February 2005
Admission   Free admission
  • part of the proof exhibition
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