dolores from 10 to 10

Coco Fusco
USA, 2001
image from dolores from 10 to 10
Image: Dolores from 10 to 10

In the summer of 1998, on a research trip to Tijuana, Mexico, Coco Fusco met Delfina Rodriguez, a maquiladora (factory assembly line) worker who had been accused by her employer of trying to start a union in the plant.

To coerce her into resigning, her manager had locked her in a room without food, water, bathroom or phone for twelve hours. She had signed a letter of resignation under duress and then, once she was released, she sued her former employer for violation of her civil rights. Her boss told the judge that she was insane, that nothing had happened and that she had no proof.

Rodriguez's co-workers were afraid to testify on her behalf. Fusco was convinced that there must have been surveillance cameras recording what happened to her during her internment. Dolores from 10 to 10 is Fusco's interpretation of what the cameras saw.

Dates   Thursday 9 December 2004 - Sunday 13 February 2005
Admission   Free admission
  • part of the proof exhibition
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