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Rehearsed Readings of New Film Scripts

How often have you seen a new movie and wondered how a seemingly undercooked script ever made it to screen? All too often, scripts appear to have been filmed without extensive script development, leaving the audience as the final piece in a film's collaborative jigsaw. Until now.

ScreenPlay performs new film scripts, providing an opportunity for writers to hear their work, often for the very first time, coming to life in front of a live audience. This helps writers identify the strengths and weaknesses of their scripts within a supportive, peer-group atmosphere. From feature films, to shorts, to TV sitcoms, our previous events have included such artists as Michael Veitch, Alan Fletcher, Madeleine West, Marg Downey, Jay Bunyan, and such directors as Helen Gaynor, Jeremy Stanford, Steve Mann and Jan Sardi.

This regular program takes place in the ACMI Screen Pit.

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Persistant rumours cause a young woman to be ostracised by her community. Things get interesting when she unearths a family secret that makes her question her own identity. Screenplay presents a live rehearsed reading of a drama script by Jane Allsop.

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make love not money

When neurotic rock star Louise Campbell rents a coastal property, she's hoping for a relaxing summer. Her provocative secretary, Rebecca, has other ideas. Screenplay presents a live rehearsed reading of a script by Paul Jeffery.

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wherever you are

Screenplay presents a live rehearsed reading of a drama by Rie Natalenko. 15-year-old Jamie is confused, angry and on the run from the police. He meets the streetwise Dragon and together they search for Jamie's father.

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method: champenoise

Michael has an eventful weekend. He gets engaged, wins the lottery and accidentally kills his best friend with a bottle of champagne. ScreenPlay presents a live rehearsed reading of a comedy by Peter A. Brown.

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winter in america

In 1916 the world was clearly Les Darcy's for the taking. Australia's charismatic golden boy of boxing was loved by men, women and children alike - a national idol. Screenplay presents his story in a live rehearsed reading of a drama by Frank Howson.

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24 hour window

Madeline Fleming is the hottest girl at Easterburg High and, as everyone knows, she's never single for more than 24 hours at a time. A rehearsed reading of a new comedy script by Nicholas Verso and Gareth Wills.

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7 years later

Rehearsed reading of a new script by Amanda Sykes. Set in an atmosphere of magical reality, 7 Years Later is a character based coming-of-age story centred around a young girl's reunion with her estranged father.

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scratch the surface

ScreenPlay presents a drama by Grant Scicluna. Adrian learns too late the brutal reason why James and Anthony are forbidden to see each other, finding that he is already dangerously entwined between them.

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in the wake

When an Australian Navy Captain is falsely accused of causing an oceanic collision with a US warship, his wife uncovers a dangerous conspiracy. Based on a true story and directed by Steve Mann.

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