a cold summer

Paul Middleditch
83 min, 2003, Australia, 35mm, English

a cold summer

A Cold Summer is a bold, new drama from Sydney-based writer/director Paul Middleditch (Terra Nova), developed with the cast: Teo Gebert; Olivia Pigeot and Susan Prior. The film features gripping performances and has enjoyed great reviews from Rotterdam, Montreal, Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals, including an awesome 87.5% from hollywoodbitchslap.com.

A Cold Summer constructs three truthful portraits of people dealing with death in their lives in radically different ways and creates an environment, in which after unpeeling the layers, they expose their lives before the camera. The film makes a positive statement through two very selfish and cynical characters and details how someone who still believes in honesty and love touches their lives.

When Bobby and Tia meet by accident, the last thing they want is a relationship. Bobby is hell-bent on self-destruction and with Tia he finds a willing companion. They begin a destructive relationship fueled by sex, alcohol and deceit. Tia's only refuge is in her childhood friend Phaedra, a trusting and optimistic confidant. Tia's tragic denial of her present life begins to infect Phaedra's underlying faith in commitment and love. In desperation, Phaedra dives into this unfamiliar and hostile world, but it is her strength and compassion that pushes Bobby and Tia into confronting their worst fear - honesty.

The three actors and director lived together for a period of time confiding in each other to create a very personal screenplay, constructing adlib situations that were videotaped and then transcribed - writing a script from this and then re-shooting the work. It was shot using hand-held 35mm camera using only natural light, constructing a sense of real time and the simplicity of people alone trying to find hope and companionship.

Dates   Tuesday 9 March 2004, 7.30pm
Admission   Full $15 / Concession $13
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