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melbourne filmoteca archive 2005 spanish, portuguese and latin american film group

Regular Melbourne Filmoteca screenings present the best of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American film at ACMI.

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Filmoteca is a non-profit, volunteer-run group that aims to provide a space for people with a broad range of interests and backgrounds to learn about and appreciate not only film and video from the regions, but also the language, music and cultures of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

thumbnail for los lunes al sol

los lunes al sol (mondays in the sun)

In a Spanish coastal town the shipyards have closed down, leaving the labour force scouring the streets for temporary jobs. Among the disillusioned is Santa (Javier Bardem) who leads a group of old friends whose lowly status causes them mounting grief.

thumbnail for cuando los espiritus bailan mambo

cuando los espiritus bailan mambo (when the spirts dance mambo)

This absorbing documentary charts the history and continuing legacy of the sacred African religion, Le Regla de Ocha (known as Santeria), as practised in Cuba, and looks at the influence of religious music on the development of Cuban popular music styles.

thumbnail for historias minimas

historias minimas (minimal stories)

Set in the breathtaking Patagonian landscape in the far south of Argentina, Carlos Sorin's (La Pelicula Del Rey) most recent film comprises a trio of interwoven stories, each following journeys undertaken by three disparate characters.

thumbnail for bolivar soy yo

bolivar soy yo (i am bolivar)

This multi-award winning comedy from Colombian director Jorge Ali Triana is a delirious and razor-sharp satire of Latin American politics and contemporary media.

thumbnail for amarelo manga

amarelo manga (mango yellow)

A story of amorous meetings and misunderstandings among a group of characters guided by their passions and unrealised dreams, in constant search for happiness. Claudio Assis' gritty film provides a bold and uncompromising vision of contemporary Brazil.

thumbnail for el tigre de santa julia

el tigre de santa julia (the tiger of saint julia)

This sexy, action-packed film, set in the early 1900s, in the days before the Mexican Revolution, tells the story of José de Jesús Negrete Medina, a would-be Robin Hood who formed an outlaw gang of beautiful women to rob from thieves to give to the poor.

thumbnail for la tropical

la tropical

David Turnley's documentary focuses on the famed Havana club the 'Salon Rosado de la Tropical' (La Tropical). The film reveals the ways in which music intersects with race, class and socialism, and shapes the everyday lives of contemporary Cubans.

thumbnail for time for a change

time for a change + neto's silence

Salvador Castro will introduce his documentary Time for a Change: a journey through the current social and political landscape of El Salvador. Neto's Silence recounts the dramatic events of 1954 Guatemala through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy.

thumbnail for the revolution will not be televised

what's up with venezuela?

Hosted by Venezuelan thinker and poet Carlos Morreo, Filmoteca presents a lively look at the political hotbed of modern-day Venezuela, a country that has come into the international spotlight under the presidency of left-wing president Hugo Chavez.

thumbnail for machuca


Set in Santiago, Chile, Andres Wood's Machuca is the first contemporary Chilean fiction film set during the 1973 military coup that toppled Allende's left-wing government and ushered in the 17-year military dictatorship headed by Augusto Pinochet.

thumbnail for el caballero don quijote

el caballero don quijote

A rare film based on the second volume of Miguel de Cervantes' legendary sixteenth century novel screens in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the work.

thumbnail for terra estrangeira

terra estrangeira (foreign land)

This compelling 1996 thriller from Brazilian director Walter Salles (Motorcycle Diaries, Central Station), is a lean low-budget film noir, rendered in spare and beautiful black-and-white.

thumbnail for at half past midnight

a la medianoche y media (at half past midnight)

The threat of a catastrophic tidal wave sees the residents of an unnamed South American coastal town decide to flee. Among them is Sebastian, who meets the strange young girl Morales. A profound and atmospheric story of love, catastrophe and mind games.

thumbnail for long live mexico

que viva mexico (long live mexico)

Sergei Eisenstein's Que Viva Mexico is one of the great controversies in film history. The film is a moving portrayal of the interaction between Mayan civilisation, Spanish colonisation and the modernising mythologising of the Mexican revolution.

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