masters of animation: bill plympton


masters of animation: bill plympton
Image: How to Make Love to a Woman
Bill Plympton started his career as a gag artist for Rolling Stone, Playboy, Penthouse and National Lampoon before turning his hand to animated film. Plympton's films parody sex, violence, religion and other taboos in an eminently recognisable classic coloured pencil style. Be warned - in this selection of Plympton's short films you'll see drag racing, outrageously excited body parts, the effects of nicotine addiction, nasal follicles and inter-species sex with an octopus!

Lucas the Ear of Corn

1977, 4 mins


1985, 6 mins

Your Face

1987, 3 mins

One of These Days

1988, 8 mins

How to Kiss

1989, 7 mins

25 Ways to Quit Smoking

1989, 5 mins


1990, 7 mins


1994, 7 mins

How to Make Love to a Woman

1995, 5 mins

Sex and Violence

1997, 8 mins

Surprise cinema

1999, 7 mins

Can't Drag Race with Jesus

2000, 2 mins

total running time 69 mins

Presented in conjunction with the Melbourne International Animation Festival.

Dates   Thursday 18 December 2003, 7pm & Saturday 20 December 2003, 5pm
Admission   Full $12 Concession $9
    bookings (03) 8663 2583
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