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Deconstructing games: Get critical!

Education authorities worldwide recognise that video games need to be integrated into school teaching and learning. They are highly pervasive, offer a broad range of learning outcomes and are relevant to a vast range of people and situations - they represent and reflect society. Rather than simply absorb what is presented in games, get the skills to critically view games and understand the game reviewing industry.

This Game Loading forum pulls games to bits, deconstructs them, looks at ways to analyse how those parts make up the whole game experience and goes on to explore how they are reviewed and rated by the experts.

Featuring two great speakers:

David Giles is a highly respected game developer who is now teaching 'wannabe' game developers how to make games to entice us. He will deconstruct video games and give us an insiders view of what goes into game designs, how they are structured to keep us playing, and describes what 'flow' is in a game.

Anthony Hetrih (aka. Game Guru) has been earning a living as a game journalist for more than seven years and has a massive audience. Anthony will reveal how he breaks down the multitude of games he plays and reviews each week, how he writes about them and the dynamics of the massive games journalism industry.

This session also offers game play examples, providing an opportunity for the audience to put into practice what they have learnt.

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Relevance to Victorian Essential Learnings Standards (VELS):
(levels 5 and 6)
Discipline-based learning
- English (reading/writing)
- The Arts (creating and making, exploring and responding)
Interdisciplinary Learning
- Communication (Listening, Viewing and responding)
Interdisciplinary Learning
- Design Creativity and Technology (Investigating and designing, Producing, Analysing and evaluating)
- ICT (ICT for creating)
- Thinking (Reasoning, processing and inquiry, Creativity, Reflection, Evaluation and Metacognition)

Speaker Bios

David Giles
David has over eleven years experience in the video games industry. He began work as a senior producer at Beam Software, Australia's first and most prolific video games company. When Beam was taken over by Infogrames/ATARI, David continued to work as both Studio Manager and Director of Development until the middle of 2003. David is now Head of School at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Melbourne Campus, and continues to work closely with the games industry.

Anthony Hetrih (a.k.a. Game Guru)
Anthony Hetrih has worked as a journalist for more than seven years, writing videogame/technology reviews and features for a number of high profile magazines, newspapers and websites. His work has been published both in Australia and overseas. A career highlight has been to create the videogame section in K-Zone magazine, which quickly became the number one selling kids magazine in Australia. He currently writes for Just Kidding and DMAG. Anthony specialises in writing for a younger audience and his persona/pen-name 'Game Guru' has a huge following.

Dates   Thu 27 Apr 2006, 11am - 12.45pm
Admission   Full $8  Rural $6
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