Richard Franklin, 101 mins, Australia, 1981, 35mm. Courtesy: Bayside Pictures and NFSA

image from roadgames
Richard Franklin's penchant for Hitchcock is evident in this engaging comedy-thriller that teams up truck-driver Pat Quid (Stacy Keach) with American diplomat's daughter and sometime hitch-hiker Jamie Lee Curtis.

Pat and his erstwhile companion, a dingo named Boswell, unknowingly witness a murder which eventually leads them into danger.

Tangling with a variety of oddball characters on their journey across the Nullabor Plain, Pat (who recites poetry and satisfyingly refuses to categorise himself as a truckdriver) and Hitch become victims of seemingly alien forces in a strange and often hostile environment.

Dates   Sat 18 Feb 2006, 2pm
Admission   All Tickets $8
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