Friday, 8 April 2005

immersive interactive experience at acmi - intimate transactions

ACMI and Queensland University of Technology will join forces in April to present the Australian premiere of Intimate Transactions: a unique experience that allows two people in two different cities to simultaneously communicate without using sight or sound.
Members of the public can experience Intimate Transactions - an immersive interactive installation unlike any other - for one week at ACMI commencing April 25.

Two participants at a time, one at the ACMI Screen Pit in Melbourne, and the other 1700 km away at the Queensland University of Technology's Industries Precinct in Brisbane, enter a space equipped with a touch sensitive physical interface called a 'Bodyshelf' which is ingrained with sensors that depict body movement and the shifting of body weight.

Each body movement influences an evolving world created from digital imagery and multi-channel sound, allowing the participants bodies to become more and more intimately acquainted, despite the fact that they are geographically separated and cannot physically see or hear each other.

Intimate Transactions is an ambitious new work from the renowned Australian Transmute Collective: a group of internationally recognised performers, media artists, sound artists, programmers and ecological scientists. The group consists of three members: Artistic Director Keith Armstrong; freelance performer, choreographer and teacher Lisa O'Neill; and sound developer, composer and songwriter Guy Webster.

The Melbourne/Brisbane event presents the work in the third stage of its evolution, following its first full international premiere at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow in February. It has just been nominated for the Prix Ars Electronica 2005 - arguably the most prestigious awards in the European media arts world.

ACMI Senior Curator Alessio Cavallaro said, "Intimate Transactions is an ingenious work that exemplifies both the fascinating developments in interactive moving image arts in Australia, and ACMI's leading role in introducing such innovative projects to broader audiences. Significantly, Intimate Transactions also demonstrates the importance of ACMI's partnerships with artists and research centres to extend the creative application of new technologies and delivery systems."

The work has been developed in collaboration with RMIT's Spatial Information Architecture Lab and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne. The design will then be presented simultaneously between the Queensland University of Technology Creative Industries Precinct, Brisbane and ACMI, Melbourne.

Further information

Danielle Poulos, Communications Coordinator, ACMI ph 03 8663 2415 m 0417 540 543

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