tropfest retrospective #1


A dynamic retrospective program showcasing some of the finest short films from Intel Tropfest finalists since 1993. Highlights include Swinger (Gregor Jordan), a dark comedy about the tenuous link between life and death, and This Film is a Dog (Jonathan Ogilvie), a stylish mockumentary about a filmmaker's attempt to secure a distribution deal for a new experimental, black and white short.



Gregor Jordan,  Australia, 1995, 5 mins, SP Beta

In an inner city loft a disillusioned young man contemplates his life. A suspenseful and intriguing tale about the tenuous link between life and death superbly realised by Gregor Jordan's (Two Hands, 1999) languid cinematography.

The Island

Kieran Darcy-Smith, Australia, 2000, 5 mins, SP Beta

On a wintry bay far from home, a young child in a small rowboat, witnesses something truly unexpected.

Playin' Hard to Get

Tim Bullock, Australia, 2001, 6 mins, SP Beta

A jazz quartet plays an uninspired number in a smokey club. When a beautiful woman enters, a contest to capture her attention results in a memorable jazz set.


Nash Edgerton, Australia, 1997, 4 mins, SP Beta

This edgy, fast paced short film follows a young filmmaker across a bustling cityscape in a race against time to meet the Tropfest entry deadline. Craftily written, directed and edited by Nash Edgerton.

A Matter of Life

Jennifer Perrott, Australia, 2001, 5 mins, SP Beta

An obsessive gardener attempts to save the life of his beloved plant oblivious to those he disturbs along the way.

A Margherita With Hot Salami

Daina Reid, Australia, 1999, 7 mins, SP Beta

Single, thirty-something and lacking all self-respect, Diana (Francis O'Connor), has hit an all time low. Wallowing over a bottle of wine and trashy television she is soon snapped out of her self-loathing with the arrival of the home deliveryman. 


Bernard Derriman, Australia, 2001, 4 mins, SP Beta

Drawing on the violence and gore of Andrew Dominik's Chopper, Derriman has created a dark and twisted children's animation about one of Australia's most notorious criminals. 


Chris Benz, Australia, 2000, 7mins, SP Beta

Chardonnay socialists deconstruct the proletariat while the proletariat destroy their car. A brilliantly scripted and well-constructed mediation on contemporary class relations.

Tongue Tied

Jasmin Forbes-Watson, Australia, 1998, 4 mins, SP Beta

A beautifully choreographed film in which a couple, locked in a passionate kiss, move through time and space in perfect harmony.


Emma Freeman, Australia, 2002, 7 mins, SP Beta

A moving portrait of a father and his blind son trying to subsist on a drought stricken land. Winner of 2002 Tropfest, this sophisticated story of survival is injected with a delicate mix of humour and pathos.

I Want You

Gregory Quail & Jonathan Geraghty, Australia, 1998, 7 mins, SP Beta

Selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival in 1998, this tale of twisted romance explores a young woman's delusions of love and passion as she pursues an unattainable relationship.


Carla Drago, Australia, 2002, 6mins, SP Beta

When a young girl meets her prospective love interest (Tom Long), first meeting nerves result in an embarrassing situation that she just can't shake. A stylish and hilarious short about the perils of dating.   

Not on the Road

Alicia Walsh, Australia, 1997, 7 mins, SP Beta

A young man embarks on a road trip in search of freedom and independence from his girlfriend. Her last minute decision to join him threatens to disrupt his plans until she sets off in search of a new fan belt.

This Film is a Dog

Jonathan Ogilvie, Australia, 1996, 4 mins, SP Beta

In an attempt to secure a distribution deal for his new experimental, black and white short, Fallout, an aspiring filmmaker travels to Cannes in pursuit of fame and success in the film business. An intelligent and stylish mockumentary.

Dates   Wednesday 5 February 2003, 6.30pm & Wednesday 19 February 2003, 8.30pm
Admission   Full $11 Concession $8
Co-presented by Tropfest and ACMI
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