Monday, 21 June 2004

neighbours (the remix)

Imagine prime time commercial TV re-programmed by innovative and exciting Australian filmmakers and artists. it might be something like Neighbours (the remix).

Frequently touted as the ultimatefantasy of a 'perfect' Australian life, long-running Australian super-soap Neighbours portrays a life in which suburbia is always sunny, always welcoming, and, of course, always white.

Screened all over Europe, in the United States and even parts of Africa, Neighbours, for many of its international viewers, is as close as it gets to an understanding of Australian life.

For Neighbours (the remix) eight emerging and established artists directly and critically comment on the role of popular culture in Australian society, by offering an alternative to the bland, often unrealistic Australian cultural identity that is presented by Neighbours and other offerings from commercial television.

The works featured in Neighbours (the remix) include:

  • Hail Amerika - a comment on the 'Amerikanisation' of world culture and media from Brook Andrew (NSW)
  • Decent, Generous, Tolerant, Open Minded [White] People, Melbourne documentary maker and teacher Katrina Sawyer's moving stories of the traditional owners around Erinsborough, long absent and invisible from 'soapstralia'.
  • Touch: A Family Portrait  by Cherine Fahd (NSW) - a response to the tokenistic portrayal of non-Anglo Australians in so many of our television programming and advertisements.
  • DAMP (VIC), Full Potato Jacket - Melbourne art collective DAMP take on the multinational 'must-have' brands - ever-present on the small screen - with a food-fight of excessive proportions aimed at subverting the subliminal desire global advertising has imposed, via mass media, on mainstream Australia.

Completing the program are new works from Joel Anderson (VIC), David Jolly (VIC), Ocular Lab (VIC), and Destiny Deacon (VIC).

Media inquiries:

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Danielle Poulos ACMI 03 8663-2415, 0417 540 543,

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Communications Coordinator
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