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the american astronaut lifts off at freaky fridays from January 2008

It's a Western. It's a science fiction mystery. It's a film noir replete with gangsters hiding in shadows and secretly plotting crimes. It's a rock 'n' roll musical featuring fully choreographed dances and limelight singing. It's. The American Astronaut!

In an age where instant downloading, YouTube, pay TV re-runs and cheap DVD releases seemingly render the act of watching an old movie at a cinema almost redundant, this little film proves that the spirit of the original midnight movies lives on! Written, directed, and starring Cory McAbee of The Billy Nayer Show, The American Astronaut  is a bonafide cult hit, a true indie original that has been slow-burning its way across campuses, late night repertory cinemas and film festivals across America for the past five years, and is still going strong! 

The American Astronaut follows the adventures of an interplanetary trader (McAbee) through his Homeric intergalactic journey to provide the all-female population of Venus with a suitable singular male, all the while being pursued by the cold-blooded and childish killer Professor Hess (Rocco Sisto), an enigmatic figure from his past.

Featuring an original soundtrack courtesy of McAbee's rock band, The Billy Nayer Show, The American Astronaut is crammed with off-the-wall musical numbers which result in many comically surreal (and frequently unexpected) moments: a 45rpm 'dance off' between the hero and two bad-ass thugs in the men's room of a lonely outpost bar; the astronaut's crooning of The Girl with the Vagina Made of Glass (a Billy Nayer show original) to the ageing-Southern Belle inhabitants of the planet Venus; and the evil Professor Hess' 'bastard homage to Singin' in the Rain', a gleeful dance among the ashes of his just-vaporised victims.

The American Astronaut will be launched at ACMI Cinemas on Friday 18 January, 2008 at 10pm as part of ACMI's cult movie night Freaky Fridays. Join us on the night for a special pre-screening performance by The Sonic Manipulator and delicious space cocktails on arrival for all audience members!

Following the launch, the film will screen once a month at ACMI Cinemas as part of Freaky Fridays.

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"Filled with psychotic Astaire-style musical sequences, Three Stooges-esque humor, slimy nightmare imagery, and hilarious Flash Gordon-inspired space scenes" The New Yorker

"Arguably one of the most original American films of the past twenty years. Had it been made in the era of Eraserhead, it would have ended up playing midnight shows for an eternity." Box office magazine

"Mad scientists, props worthy of Ed Wood, polished black-and-white photography, and best of all a string of memorable tunes - Venus Touchdown, The Baby in the Jar, The Girl with the Vagina Made of Glass - make this a worthy entry in the retro-futuristic sexy Z-movie musical genre"

".moments of inspired dementia. It's a terrifically enjoyable piece of filmmaking that demands that you laugh while your jaw drops; you'll never see George Lucas try anything like this anymore."  New York Times

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