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the wild one + the big red one

Alongside Brando, Marvin delivers a defining performance followed by his career-capping role in The Big Red One.

point blank + the man who shot liberty valance

Marvin features in this post-noir masterpiece of criminal obsession followed by Ford's Western classic.

the professionals + emperor of the north

Marvin in supporting roles working with two of the era's key directors, Richard Brooks and Robert Aldrich.

from the war to the wall program 2

The Murderers are Among Us screens with the curious Fanfares of Love and the dark and nasty Roses Bloom on the Grave in the Meadow.

the lost one + the bridge

The Lost One, a subtle and spectral film met with total indifference, screens with a ferocious and moving, Oscar-winning film, The Bridge.

i walked with a zombie + cat people + the blood

Two films directed by Jacques Tourneur and produced by Val Lewton teamed with Pedro Costa's The Blood.

the hour of the furnaces

This collectively-made epic documentary is a scathing indictment of imperialist capitalism in Argentina.

bitter springs + dead heart

Bitter Springs, the story of a white squatter family, screens with Dead Heart, tackling race relations in central Australia.

now about all these women + scenes from a marriage

Bergman's satirical farce screens with his greatest film of the seventies.

i vitelloni + in the name of the father

Fillini's semi-autobiographical film set in a seaside town screens with one of Bellocchio's best and most outrageous early works.

the cabinet of dr caligari + spione

Wiene's revolutionary and influential work initiated German Expressionism. Screens with Fritz Lang's breathlssly plotted thriller.

ivan's childhood + come & see

Come & See is a bleak and horrific coming-of-age odyssey that rivals and ultimately tops Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood.

sunset blvd. + queen kelly

Swanson is the silent screen diva in the Oscar-winning iconic masterpiece, Sunset Blvd. and contrastingly, a gentle convent girl in Queen Kelly.

svankmajer shorts + daisies + valerie and her week of wonders

Three rarely screened Svankmajer shorts, Daisies - an experimental Dadaist mash-up - and Valerie... a B-grade horror/fairytale/erotic fantasy.

a case for the young hangman + late august at the hotel ozone

Jurácek's absurdist adaptation was banned shortly after it's release. Screens with a Jurácek-scripted film set in a post-apocalyptic world.

the ear + the cremator

An emotionally harrowing evening in the life of a government minister and his dissatisfied wife, and the story of a professional cremator.

le petit soldat + muriel, ou le temps d'un retour

Jean-Luc Godard's controversial Le Petit Soldat screens with Resnais' deeply philosophical follow up to Last Year at Marienbad.

the strawberry blonde + what price glory

Two romantic comedies from director Raoul Walsh.

thumbnail from the heavens call

evenings on a farm near dikanka + the heavens call

A glorious Technicolor fantasy that stays true to the original, and the tale of an aborted Mars expedition featuring spectacular spacescapes.

thumbnail from to the stars by hard ways

to the stars by hard ways + the amphibian man

The Russian cult hit and delirious space adventure screens with one of the most beloved Russian films of all time.

thumbnail from the errand boy

sherlock jr. + the bellboy + the errand boy

A great work demonstrating the dream-like power of cinema, along with two films from the master of postmodern comedy, Jerry Lewis.

thumbnail from ruslan & ludmila

cosmic voyage + ruslan & ludmila

The effects-filed story of a renegade space traveller and an epic reverie packed with surreal, grotesque characters and awe-inspiring set pieces.

thumbnail from la belle noiseuse

la belle noiseuse

Based on a story by Balzac, Rivette fashioned one of the most profound films ever made about the relationship between an artist and his work.

thumbnail for celine and julie go boating

le coup du berger + celine and julie go boating

Cinémathèque presents Jacques Rivette's Celine and Julie Go Boating, screening with his early New Wave short Le Coup du Berger.

thumbnail from the ister

the ister

Barison and Ross's ambitious essay film follows the winding route of the Danube to its mythical source.

thumbnail from exiled

ryan larkin shorts + exiled + election

Cinémathèque presents a tribute to Ryan Larkin with a collection shorts followed by two feature films from Hong Kong action director, Johnnie To.

thumbnail for duelle

paris belongs to us + duelle

Cinémathèque presents Jacques Rivette's Paris Belongs to Us and Duelle.

thumbnail for opening night

opening night + lumiere

Cinémathèque presents John Cassavetes' Opening Night and Jeanne Moreau's Lumiere.

thumbnail for naked youth

naked youth + three resurrected drunkards

Nagisa Oshima's Naked Youth explores the experience of youth in post-war Japan. Screens with his comedy Three Resurrected Drunkards.

thumbnail for collateral

thief + collateral

Cinémathèque presents Michael Mann's Thief, screening with Collateral.

thumbnail from heat

crime story + heat

Cinémathèque presents Michael Mann's Heat, screening with an episode from the NBC TV series Crime Story directed by Mann.

thumbnail from the insider

manhunter + the insider

Cinémathèque presents Michael Mann's Manhunter and The Insider.

thumbnail from red

red + a short film about love

Red, Kieslowski's final film (and the final of the Three Colours trilogy) explores the theme of 'fraternity'. Screens with A Short Film About Love.

thumbnail from white

white + camera buff

Cinémathèque presents the second film in the Three Colours trilogy, White. Screens with Camera Buff.

thumbnail from beau travail

beau travail + jacques rivette, the night watchman

Beau Travail is a great portrait of male camaraderie, jealousy and North African colonialism. Screens with Jacques Rivette, The Night Watchman.

thumbnail from rebel without a cause

rebel without a cause + bitter victory

An iconic exploration of the generation gap between parents and youth in a world of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Screens with Bitter Victory.

thumbnail from the naked kiss

the naked kiss + park row

Cinémathèque presents The Naked Kiss - Fuller's most unsettling work - and Park Row which explores the underpinnings of American society.

thumbnail from interkosmos

péter forgács + spatial journeys + interkosmos

An eastern-European program featuring works of Hungarian archivist Péter Forgács, three experimental shorts and the German mockumentary, Interkosmos.

thumbnail from eyes without a face

eyes without a face + the innocents

The influential and chilling horror Eyes Without a Face screens with The Innocents.

thumbnail from blue

blue + blind chance

Cinémathèque presents the first film in the Three Colours trilogy, Blue, exploring the concept of freedom. Screens with Blind Chance.

thumbnail from au hasard balthazar

au hasard balthazar + the gospel according to matthew

Cinémathèque presents Au Hasard Balthazar - the christian parable of virtue and purity - and biblical adaptation The Gospel According to Matthew.

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