jerry seinfeld: comedian with q&a

Christian Charles
USA, 2002, 35mm, Colour, English

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Popcorn Taxi is proud to present Comedian. A funny, sad and insightful documentary about what happened to Seinfeld after Seinfeld. When this brilliant comic retired his hit TV show Jerry Seinfeld ditched his fifteen year old stand-up act too - and decided to start over. Filmmakers Christian Charles and Gary Streiner armed themselves with a pair of DVcams and hit the comedy clubs as Seinfeld struggled to work-up a new act. What they found was the agony and the ectasy in the stand-up's obsessive search for a killer punchline. Join Christian Charles and Gary Streiner for a live Q&A via phone hook-up after the screening.

Shot up close, 'shaky-cam' style, Charles and Streiner get inside the process of the comic - quite often the filmmakers are sharing tables with Jerry and his pals. So intimate is much of the action that the suspense of the film revolves around anticipating the next unguarded moment - when Jerry or some other comic will drop their ego force field, to reveal the fear that never seems to desert them - even when the laughs are flying. The film begins with Seinfeld hitting the clubs as 'surprise guest' in the top comedy bars of New York. But once in the spotlight and under the glare of boozed punters demanding a laugh, Jerry is no longer a 'star', he's an absolute beginner - freezing up, biting back at hecklers and desperate to uncork a laugh.

In the film Seinfeld's struggles play off the ferocious ambition of a new young comic Orny Adams - a rising star on the stand-up circuit. Far from humble, funny, but with a bitter streak, Adams' aggro style is a marked contrast to the casual but never the less still self doubting Seinfeld.

What lingers around Comedian's edges is the question - just how close can you get to someone's artistic process?

Comedian is a must-see for stand-up fans and filmmakers alike.

Dates   Tuesday 14 December 2004, 7.30pm
Admission   Full $15 Concession $13
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