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 image from spiderman 3
Spiderman 3

Thursday 9 June - Tuesday 14 June 2005

Holy men in tights! Feature films, TV episodes, animations and introductory talks featuring all your action-packed favourites.

Whether human or god, born or created, product of nature or creature of science, superheroes and supervillains have existed as cultural icons for centuries. Why have they endured? How have they transformed over the decades? What is their cultural or mythic function?

The program coincides with a major international conference hosted by the Cinema Studies Program at the University of Melbourne (Thursday 9 June - Sunday 12 June) including a fancy dress ball (Saturday 11 June).

Curated by Lisa Pieroni, with assistance from Angela Ndalianis, Lucy Wright and Malcolm Turner.

Full $13   Concession $10
Season pass (any 6 sessions) Full $60    Concession $48

Presented with the Cinema Studies Program, University of Melbourne.

thumbnail for double dare

double dare

Action-packed documentary following two delightful, tough-as-nails Hollywood stuntwomen who kick ass for a living.

thumbnail of wonder woman

the new original wonder woman

Series pilot starring Lynda Carter as the first, and most popular, female superhero.

thumbnail for clash of the titans

clash of the titans

Grand and glorious romantic adventure, based on heroic tales from Greek mythology.

thumbnail for barbarella


Roger Vadim's camp, sexy, silly and outrageously enjoyable tale of a 'five-star double-rated astronautical aviatrix'.

thumbnail for superman: the movie

superman: the movie

Dynamic, grandly entertaining saga of the Man of Steel, featuring Christopher Reeve in his most renowned role.

thumbnail for duck dodgers in the 24th½ century

animation program one

Program of short animations in affectionate homage to superheroes everywhere.

thumbnail for spiderman


Sam Raimi revives Stan Lee's classic Marvel comic creation with great gusto. Starring Tobey Maguire.

thumbnail for harvey birdman

harvey birdman, attorney at law

Hilarious, third-rate superhero, who files motions, cross-examines and occasionally blasts opposing counsel with solar rays.

thumbnail for santo vs. the martians

santo vs. the martians

Mexico's 60s silver-masked wrestling superhero confronts Martian invaders intent on destroying Planet Earth!

thumbnail for superhero conference

forum > superheroes: holy men in tights!

Share your opinions with visiting authorities on the Superhero genre.

thumbnail batman logo


Tim Burton's dark, haunting and poetic reworking of Bob Kane's comic book creation.

thumbnail for captain marvel

caped crusaders: fighting the good fight

Traces the early development of the superhero screen serial from Judex to Batman!

thumbnail for powerpuff girls

animation program two

Episodes from some of the most popular animation superhero serials, from the 60s to the 90s.

thumbnail for x-men


Complex adaptation of Marvel Comics' mutant superheroes, starring Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry.

thumbnail of thunderbirds

thunderbirds are go

Lavish and colourful feature version of Gerry Anderson's 60s puppet TV series.

thumbnail for flash gordon

flash gordon conquers the universe

Six episodes of the 1940 serial chronicling the daring adventures of Flash Gordon.

thumbnail for the crow

the crow

Alex Proyas' visually stylish tale stars Brandon Lee as an undead avenger.

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