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acmipark is a virtual environment that contains a replication of the real world architecture of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne Australia. acmipark extends the real world architecture of Federation Square into a fantastic abstraction. Subterranean virtual caves hang below the surface, and a natural landscape replaces the Central Business District in which ACMI actually resides.

It was inspired by the capacity of massive multiplayer online games such as Anarchy Online to create both a sense of place and a sense of community. It is the first multiplayer, site-specific games-based intervention into public space.

acmipark provides a non-threatening introduction to computer-based play for people who are not yet familiar with this entertainment form. It is a multiplayer world, and can be accessed at the ACMI gallery or via a client application that can be downloaded for free online. It can hold up to 64 players at any one time, who may communicate via in-world chat with their friends in a local area, or globally within the entire space. It is made using the technology that computer games are developed in including the middleware engine Renderware that is used in games such as Grand Theft Auto.

Players within acmipark can explore the world which they will find both familiar and strange, chat, jam together on the Scratch Rink and the Loop Rink and play tag with melodic light balls which affect players in game senses when they are struck by them.

acmipark: about the project

about the project
acmipark is an artwork and a virtual extension of a public space...


acmipark: gallery

View screenshots from acmipark.


acmipark: how to play

how to play in acmipark
Tips on how to play acmipark and some of the features in the 3D environment.


acmipark: meet the project team

meet the project team
Information about the selectparks collective, including artist profiles.


acmipark: credits

Production team credits.


acmipark: sponsors

A complex project like acmipark always relies on the generous support of sponsors and collaborators.

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