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acmipark project credits

game design:
Chad Chatterton, Julian Oliver

project management:
Andrea Blundell

world design:
Chad Chatterton

Julian Oliver

character artist:
Andrea Blundell

Matthew Mckinnon

support programming:
Peter Suwara

sound programming and additional editing:
Lorien Dunn

software engineer:
Tim Patterson

graphic design:
Andrew Farrugia

particle effects:
Ashley Poon

thank you to:

Helen Stuckey and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Latrobe University Department of Computer Science and Games Technology lab
Studio 252
Lisa, Ben and Pesto
Michael McMahon
Gregory Moore
Jim Batt
Murray Lordon
Katherine Neil
Paul Callaghan
Christie Stott
Ai Yamamoto
Jim Blundell
Truc Mai
Matham Ratinam
Stephen Honegger
Lab Architecture
Morgan Evans

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