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ACMI and selectparks apologise that due to the completion of the acmipark project in 2003, the version previously available for download is no longer compatible with new hardware. acmipark can still be experienced in the Games Lab at ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.

how to play in acmipark

Many of you will be familiar with Federation Square and ACMI, and we encourage you to explore the simulation and its new surroundings. Look for the underground caves and use the Bounce Pads and Teleports that you will find along the way.

Teleports will transport you to different places in the park.

Bounce Pads will enable you to spring into the air for magnificent aerial views of the park and access to the building roofs and other hard to reach areas.

There are some unique sound features in the park.

Loop Rink

Located where the Jolimont train yards travel under Federation Square, the Loop Rink comprises of sound objects that bounce back and forward across the length of the Rink, their speed deriving from the length of the sound loop they represent. You can use your body to intersect with the sound objects and cut short the sound loop, thereby affecting the overall composition of the Loop Rink sounds. The Loop Rink becomes really interesting when a group of players interact together with the sound objects.

Scratch Rink

The Scratch Rink is the platform above the river. When you jump on the Scratch Rink you will notice that a new sound occurs with each jump. As you race toward either end of the Rink you literally drag that sound up or down in pitch. Again this begins to sound more interesting when groups of players join in.


Sound and light effects don't occur as a side-effect of narrative plot in acmipark, but rather have been put into the player's hands in the form of the Lightballs. Each of the five Lightballs emits a different coloured dynamic light that you can use to light your way, especially useful when the park gets dark! Each one also has a different set of sounds and a different effect on other players. Try hitting other players or yourself with the different Lightballs and see what happens.

The Federation Bells

The Federation Bells Installation is located in Birrarung Mar Park behind Federation Square, and has been simulated in acmipark using actual digital samples from the bells themselves. Use your body or your lightballs to play the bells. Note how the sound changes when you have been struck by another lightball. To get the best sound out of the bells, try hitting the bells themselves, rather than the posts.

The Streaming Cave

The Streaming Cave represents an extension of the ACMI exhibition space and is also a virtual concert hall. Located in the lower end of the Ravine Cave, players will be able to hear live concerts streamed directly into acmipark by selected artists.


You can choose to chat locally where only those close to you can see what you've said, or chat globally where everyone can see what you've said. The chat screen will fade after 4 seconds if it is not in use.


help screen for acmiparks game

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