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meet the project team

selectparks is a media laboratory currently based in Melbourne, Australia, and Gotland, Sweden. selectparks was established in 1998 by Julian Oliver and now includes three other key members, Chad Chatterton, Andrea Blundell and Rebecca Cannon.

selectparks puts particular focus on the use of games as a platform for producing 'Place', and for researching how sense, memory and action collaborate towards this unique effect. Out of a belief that games produce not only places but also new 'Public Places', the worlds of selectparks build upon traditional concepts of 'public' by offering both new mediums and sites for exchange. This aspect of selectparks' enquiry currently forms the basis for a research collaboration with the Interactive Institute of Sweden.

A second thread of work investigates games as performance environments, and at times 'instruments' of performance themselves. Sound-based games by selectparks have been seen in nine countries and have been performed as part of a major computer music tour through Europe, America and Japan.

Julian Oliver

Julian Oliver is a software developer, composer and media theorist currently based at the Interactive Institute in Visby, Sweden. He has presented papers and artworks at major international electronic art events and conferences worldwide, and, under the moniker 'delire', has performed game-based compositions at prominent venues throughout North America, Europe, Japan and the South Pacific. Julian's work in gaming began in 1998 with the modification of popular 3D shooter engines, in an effort to bring disciplines of architecture and computer music to game design. Currently his personal work includes the development of unique engines entirely directed toward game-driven sound performance and installation. In 1998, Julian established the game-based media lab selectparks, which has since grown to be a hub for the independent game development community, hosting the world's only international game art archives. selectparks' current developmental interest is in game-based hypothetical architecture and site-specific reinventions of public space.

Chad Chatterton

Chad Chatterton graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies & Art History in 1991, and followed up these studies with a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting from the Victorian College of the Arts. He has been exhibiting since 1996 and has also written for art publications Art and Text and Like Art Magazine. In 2000, his interests culminated in a body of work comprising six exhibitions, including a curatorial project at 200 Gertrude Street. This body of work explored the way computer games impact on our experience of place. Since that time he has developed these ideas from the computer game developers' perspective at the selectparks media lab in Melbourne, where he co-directs the online computer game-based project acmipark for ACMI. He was also the recipient of the Australia Council Tokyo Studio grant in 2002. Chatterton seeks to further critically engage with online gaming and virtual place-making, highlighting its important function in contemporary culture.

Andrea Blundell

Andrea Blundell's qualifications include a Bachelor of Fine Art (RMIT), a Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Art (VCA), and an Advanced Certificate IV 3D Modelling and Animation (AIE). She has been exhibiting since 1996, and was a member of Grey Area Art Space. Blundell specialises in the design and animation of 3D characters for multi-player game communities, exploring ways players can immerse themselves further inside gaming worlds. From the selectparks media lab in Melbourne, she focuses her work on facilitating the need to be uniquely represented within virtual worlds, as well as understanding how in-game personas are constructed, and allowing deeper exploration of gaming's social landscapes.

Matthew McKinnon

Matthew McKinnon completed a Bachelor of Computer Science from Monash University before developing computer games for three years with Atari Melbourne House. Since then he has joined the team at selectparks to develop acmipark. During his time at Melbourne House, Matthew published three titles, including the critically acclaimed Le Mans 24 Hours for Dreamcast and Grand Prix Challenge for Playstation 2.


Tim Patterson

Tim Patterson spent six years at Monash University, graduating at the end of 2002 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science (Hons) and a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Computer & Systems Engineering (Hons). While at university, he focused his interests on the technical aspects of virtual representations of the world, highlighted by his development of a 3D Desktop Scanner - a device that generates a virtual 3D model from a real object. After leaving Monash University, he entered the computer games industry and worked on Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, for Bluetongue Entertainment. Patterson now works with the team at selectparks as a developer on acmipark.

Ashley Poon graduated from the University Of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Planning & Design (Architecture). Since then, Ashley has had over five years industry experience in visualisation, specialising in architectural and commercial products. As the lead 3D graphic artist/animator whilst with Melbourne-based production house Animated Design, Ashley has worked on visualisations for projects including the winning proposals for both the redevelopment of the MCG and Southern Cross Station, as well as content for Nintendo Australia. He currently freelances primarily as a 3D graphic artist and works with RMIT's Interactive Information Institute (I-Cubed), developing real-time applications and content for semi-immersive and non-immersive environments. Behind the scenes Ashley is currently designing his own characters and is working towards an animated short.

Lorien Dunn

Lorien Dunn has completed a Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Music Technology (La Trobe University) and a Diploma of Computer Game Development (AIE). In addition to working on acmipark, he is currently a tutor and studying for a Masters/Phd in Computer Science majoring in Games Technology at La Trobe University. Lorien has spent many years combining his musical and programming abilities with the goal of producing a new breed of musical instruments.


Peter Suwara is currently completing his Bachelor of Computer Science at Monash University Clayton, specialising in Artificial Intelligence. Suwara is currently working on a learning systems project for his studies. While studying, he has worked for Torus Games as a lead programmer or programmer on 13 projects that range from various platforms, including PS2 and Gameboy Advance. Suwara is also involved in audio production and composition.

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