Text of Light

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Text of Light
Text of Light

First forming in 2001, the Text of Light ensemble have created an entirely novel approach to cross-media exploration, bringing together an assortment of legendary musicians with the work of Stan Brakhage, a master of 20th century avant-garde cinema.

As Brakhage's masterful, poetic imagery is projected on screen, guitarists Lee Ranaldo and Alan Licht, saxophonist Ulrich Krieger and percussionist Tim Barnes, weave together arcing walls of sonic form and fuzz, order and chaos, melody and noise.

But this is no mere exercise in live soundtracking: Text of Light is a spontaneous and ever-evolving audio-visual conversation between these remarkable artists of score and screen.

Never the same one night to the next, these improvised soundscapes are a searing mixture of free jazz, noise rock and abstract imagery that abrades and elates in equal measure, extracting new meaning from Brakhage's lyrical imagery.

*These tickets can only be purchased by phone (03 8663 2583) or in person at the ACMI Tickets Information

Dates   Tue 23 Oct 2012, 7.30pm
    No Longer Available
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