animated kids' flicks autumn 2005


 donald's crime
Donald's Crime
Fun-filled animations including Tawny Scrawny Lion, Walter the Lazy Mouse & Disney classics from the '30, '40s and '50s

Walter the Lazy Mouse
13 mins, USA, 1972, 16mm, colour
Walter is so lazy he doesn't even realize his family has moved away from Mouse Village without him! With the help of some friendly frogs and a turtle, Walter becomes a busy young mouse who goes off in search of home.

Tawny Scrawny Lion
8 mins, USA, 1974, 16mm, colour
Tawny Scrawny is one hungry lion, always on the prowl for another snack, until a clever rabbit shows him a much healthier way to satisfy his pangs.

Toot, Whistle, Plunk & Boom
Walt Disney, 10 mins, USA, 1953, 16mm, colour
Owl says 'the study of musical instruments is the subject for today'. Join him for a fun tour of a modern orchestra to find out what kinds of sounds each section makes.

Donald's Crime
Walt Disney, 8 mins, 1945, 16mm, colour
Donald Duck breaks his nephews' piggybank to take Daisy swing dancing but afterwards feels like a right skunk about it and decides to make amends.

Thru the Mirror
Walt Disney, 9 mins, USA, 1936, 16mm, colour
Mickey Mouse falls asleep reading Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and dreams himself into a fantasy complete with a fabulous '30s dance routine!

Total running time, 48 mins
Dates   Monday 4 April to Friday 8 April 2005, 11am
Monday 11 April to Friday 15 April 2005, 11am
Admission   Free admission (tickets from Box Office essential)
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