animated kids' flicks autumn 2004

animated kids' flicks autumn 2004
Image: Your Choice

A program of world class animation including timeless Disney and Warner Bros classics and animations from Italy and Japan.

Donald's Better Self (8 mins, USA, 1938)
Donald Duck's angelic side strives to lead him down the path of righteousness but is hampered by Donald's 'evil' side bidding him do otherwise.

Bacall to Arms (7 mins, USA, 1946)
A wolf gets more than he bargained for at a local cinema showing Bogie and Bacall's To Have and Have Not.

Caveman Inki (7 mins, USA, 1950)
Inki and his pet dinosaur set off to catch some dinner but end up encountering the strange prehistoric Mynah Bird.

Ali Baba (11 mins, Italy, 1971)
The young Ali Baba discovers wondrous hidden treasure and keeps Mustafa and the Forty Thieves at bay in this Italian-produced version of the classic Arabian Nights tale.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (11 mins, USA, 1940)
Mickey Mouse appears in his most famous role in this Silly Symphony short which went on to inspire the Disney animated feature, Fantasia.

Your Choice (10 mins, Japan, 1999)
Raoul, an alligator, has a bad tooth and needs a hair cut. Madillo, an armadillo, wonders if he should bring an umbrella or not. What do you think they should do.?

(total running time, 54 mins)

Dates   Tuesday 6 April - Thursday 8 April 2004, 11am
Saturday 10 April - Friday 16 April 2004, 11am
(No screenings Good Friday)
Admission   Free admission
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