animated kids' flicks winter 2004


the white seal
Image: The White Seal

Classic animation from the US, the UK and Europe, featuring Paddington Bear and the Chuck Jones/Friz Freleng 1971 adaptation of Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat.


Lonesome Ghosts
Bert Gillett, (Walt Disney), 8 mins, USA, 1937, 16mm, colour

Four green spooks decide to have a little fun and call ghostbusters Mickey, Donald and Goofy over to their house.

The Mole and the Hedgehog
Zdenek Miler (Kratky Films), 9 mins, Czech Republic, 1972, 16mm, colour 

A hedgehog is rescued from a school lab by an ingenious mole and his friend the mouse.

The White Seal
Chuck Jones, 8 mins, USA, 1976, 16mm, colour

Roddy McDowall narrates this tale of Kotick the white seal, from Kipling's The Jungle Book.

Paddington and the Cold Snap
Ivor Wood, 5 mins, UK, 1975, 16mm, colour

Paddington Bear gets into mischief, with surprising results, when he tries to fix Mr. Curry's frozen water pipes.

The Cat in the Hat
Hawley Pratt, 25 mins, USA, 1971, 16mm, colour

The best loved version of Dr. Seuss' tale, adapted by writer Chuck Jones and produced by Friz Freleng, featuring the voice of Allan Sherman as The Cat in the Hat.

(total running time, 55 mins)

Dates   Tuesday 29 June - Friday 2 July 2004, 11am
Tuesday 6 July - Friday 9 July 2004, 11am
Admission   Free admission
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