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Essays and interviews that explore the animator's craft.

Masters of Animation

masters of animation

Throughout 2003-4 ACMI presented an exciting cinema program called Masters of Animation, which celebrated the work of animators who have had a significant impact on the artform. Here we delve deeper into their worlds in a series of essays. morearrow


Local Animator Adam Elliot Gets the Oscar Nod

adam elliot

Adam Elliot has become one of Australia's most celebrated animators - and certainly our most successful short filmmaker. Adam's latest short film, Harvie Krumpet, won this year's Oscar. morearrow


Australian Animation Feature #2: Nathan Jurevicius

nathan jurevicius

This month we feature work by illustrator-turned-animator Nathan Jurevicius. Many of animations plunge the viewer into the saturated colour of bizarre worlds bursting with deliciously macabre imagery. The animated works now on his website give a tantalising taste of things to come ... Rachel Nagy interviews Nathan about his inspiration, artistic processes, and upcoming projects. morearrow

Jogchem Niemandsverdriet - Nobodyhere

nobody here
Dutch artist Jogchem Niemansverdriet has created an extraordinary visual mapping of his own random thoughts, liberally interspersed with tantalising fragments of prose which bracket and enhance the bizarre imagery constantly emerging from the screen. The evolutionary aspect of this remarkable work, coupled with occasional updates and the fact that each visit always unearths a new perspective, warrants detailed examination and guarantees repeat viewing. morearrow

Han Hoogerbrugge - Modern Living

modern living

Han Hoogerbrugge's impressive Modern living/Neurotica series is a series of mildly interactive animated self-portraits seamlessly linked by his signature visual style and subversive humour. morearrow

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