bad boy bubby

Rolf de Heer, 113 mins, Australia, 1994, 35mm. Courtesy: Roadshow Films

 image from bad boy bubby
Bad Boy Bubby
Bad Boy Bubby is a brutal, controversial and remarkable film from one of Australia's truly independent maverick filmmakers, Rolf de Heer (The Tracker, Alexandra's Project).

An infantile man, Bubby, is locked in a basement, tormented and degraded by 'Mam' for thirty years. When absentee 'Pop' returns, circumstances enable the man-child's escape. We follow Bubby's adventures as he is thrust into the surreal new environment of the outside world.

Bad Boy Bubby is a fearless piece of filmmaking, dealing with practically every conceivable taboo: incest, murder, rape, violence and mental illness, underpinned by Nicolas Hope's outstanding performance.

Dates   Sat 3 Sep 2005, 2pm
Admission   All tickets $8
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