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revolving door
Revolving Door

Confessions of an Animation
Steve Baker, 4 mins, Australia, 2004
Life can be a little different through the eyes of an animation.

Darra Dogs
Dennis Tupicoff, 10 mins, Australia, 1993
The filmmaker's reflections of childhood in an outer suburb, featuring the dogs which still haunt him to this day.

His Mother's Voice
Dennis Tupicoff, 15 mins, Australia, 1997, 35mm
A stunning motion capture short about a radio interview with a teenager's mother after a shooting incident.

It's Like That!
Southern Ladies Animation Group, 8 mins, Australia, 2003
A deeply moving and innocent look at life behind the walls of an immigration detention centre.

Pleasure Domes
Maggie Fooke, 8 mins, Australia, 1987, 16mm
Animated watercolour drawings and handcoloured photographs shape this introspective reflection on the nature of landscape and the human response to it.

Revolving Door
Alexandra & David Beesley, 18 mins, Australia, 2006
The world of prostitution in Melbourne from a range of different angles. Winner, Southern Panoramas' Contemporary Investigations acquisition award, Videobrasil, 2007.

A Saucer of Water for the Birds
Ann Shenfield, 9 mins, Australia, 1993, 16mm
As a woman and her grandmother sit at a kitchen table playing cards, their personal histories are revealed through shifts between the past and the present.

Two songs by Dougie Young
Michael Buckley, 7 mins, Australia, 1979
An original recording of Aboriginal singer Dougie Young is used as the basis of this animated film that attempts to draw the attention of whites to contemporary Indigenous issues.

Dates   Sat 12 Jan 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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