Bryan Dawe Presents Liyarn Ngarn

Martin Mhando, 64 mins, Australia, 2007

liyarn ngarn
Liyarn Ngarn
In this new documentary, personal stories of injustice against the Yawuru community of the West Kimberly region are recounted by English actor Pete Postlethwaite. These are the stories of Bill Johnson - a friend of Postlethwaite - whose adopted Aboriginal son was allegedly murdered because of his skin colour, and Indigenous leader Patrick Dodson.

Liyarn Ngarn, in the Yawuru language, means 'Coming Together of the Spirit' and epitomises Dodson's mission over the last thirty years to actualise a lasting and true reconciliation.

Archie Roach adds his own muscle via his powerful lyrics and stories to this often painful, yet inspiring journey of strength.

Comedian and satirist Bryan Dawe appears regularly on the 7.30 Report (with John Clark) and ABC Radio.

Dates   Sat 26 Jan 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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