MA 15+
Neil Armfield, 108 mins, Australia, 2006, 35mm

A free-spirited art student and a roguish poet find their addiction to each other taking a back seat to their taste for heroin in director Neil Armfield's intensely personal tale of recreational drug use gone bad.

When Candy (Abbie Cornish) and Dan (Heath Ledger) first fell in love, they both thought they had found all they ever needed in life.

At the time of Candy's release, director Neil Armfield said: "When [Ledger] was originally suggested, I thought he wasn't right; he was too heroic a persona. But then I saw Monster's Ball. He's only in it for 15 minutes at the beginning, but his performance was so complex and sad and troubled that I thought that he had depths that I hadn't realised at all from seeing [A] Knight's Tale." Sydney Morning Herald

Dates   Sat 9 Feb 2008, 6pm
No Longer Available
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