Digital Projections

Unclassified 18+

MTV Happymart
For the fifth year, ACMI brings together a crop of home-grown talent including clips for local and international bands, award winning animations, surreal visions and side-splitting shorts.

Curated by Kristy Matheson.

[Explain] 'Sarah Blasko'
Lucy Dyson, 4:06 mins, Australia, 2006
A cast of forest animals watch over an ever-changing industrial town in this beautiful and nostalgic animation for Sarah Blasko.

On The Other Ocean
Amiel Courtin-Wilson, 8 mins, Australia, 2006
An enigmatic dreamscape brimming with haunting sound and vision, that resides between this world and the next.

Hearts a Mess 'Gotye'
Brendan Cook, 4:40 mins, Australia, 2007
A character roams the Earth, calling on its strange and marvellous inhabitants to follow him to a new world.

Life Begins 'The Energies'
Nicolas Randall, 3:33 mins, Australia, 2006
22,000 sublime digital stills by renowned Swedish photographer Sesse Lind are propelled into motion for UK songsters, "The Energies"

choking on a wishbone
     Choking on a Wishbone
The Reality Project
Domenico Bartolo, 2:30 mins, Australia, 2005
We all sleep. We all dream. We all live. We all die. A pensive live action short commissioned by Ravenna's Museo d'Arte, Italy.

Under the Cherry Tree 'Telemetry Orchestra'
Dael Oates, 4:02 mins, Australia, 2006
Delicate painterly images fly past a train carrying star-crossed lovers in this imaginative and beautifully executed animation.

Peter & Guy Richards, 1:21 mins, Australia, 2006
View the urban landscape from a child's perspective where paper bag masks and pussy-cats are part of the everyday.

Choking on a Wishbone 'Architecture in Helsinki'
Warren Taylor, 3:38 mins, Australia, 2006
Zombies, undertakers and bones for drumsticks are just some of the fun in this playful animated cut-up for Architecture in Helsinki.

Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006
Paul Robertson, 12 mins, Australia, 2006
Revved up, full tilt 80s retro animation heroes battle zombies and giant grubs to defeat the evil pirate baby!

MTV Happymart
Family, 0:45 mins, Australia, 2006
An off-beat Chinese supermarket where dancing proves infectious.

The Lecture
Clint Cure, 4 mins, Australia, 2006
In this award-winning animation two teachers guzzle beer and dish the dirt on their students with hilarious results.

my old ways dr dog
My Old Ways 'Dr Dog'
Black Hole Blues 'Jack Ladder'
Kinga Burza, 3:32 mins, Australia, 2006
Kurt Vonnegut, a London winter and heartbreak are the inspiration for this magical journey into a fuzzy felt world!

The Luminary
Nicholas Kallincos, 9:22 mins, Australia, 2006
What happens when your inner glow is gone? A touching and unconventional love story in clay.

My Old Ways 'Dr Dog'
Isobel Knowles, 3:35 mins, Australia, 2006
An all-singing, all-dancing technicolour prison extravaganza created for US hipsters, Dr Dog.

Dates   Sat 8 Sep 2007, 4pm
No Longer Available
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