Paperback Hero

Antony J. Bowman, 96 mins, Australia, 1999, 35mm. Courtesy: Paperback Films. Print Courtesy: National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

paperback hero
Paperback Hero
Fresh and endlessly entertaining, this romantic screwball-comedy marked Hugh Jackman's feature film debut.

In Paperback Hero he delivers a stellar performance as a country truck driver turned best-selling author, ("He's hard, tough, and doesn't give a XXXX for anything... except romantic novels"). Cue love interest Claudia Karvan; together they're a match made in screen heaven.

Under Bowman's assured and well-paced direction, the two charismatic leads capture the script's boisterous tone and run with it to great effect.

"A winner from start to finish - a film with a big, big heart." Urban Cinefile

Dates   Sat 6 Oct 2007, 4pm
No Longer Available
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