Pure Shit

Bert Deling, 83 mins, 1975, 16mm. Courtesy: Bert Deling. Print Courtesy: National Film and Sound Archive & Kodak Atlab Collection

pure shit
Pure Shit
This underground Aussie cult classic captures Melbourne's drug culture of the mid 1970s through the lives of four young heroin addicts.

This controversial black comedy narrowly escaped being banned when it first screened and had its title changed by the censor.

In a groundbreaking work of gritty realism, Pure Shit follows the junkies on a spree 'busting' chemists as they desperately search for chemical satisfaction.

Restored 35mm print! Followed by Q&A with director Bert Deling.

"Why bother to see a 30-year-old, $30,000, 16mm movie - except maybe to have a good time? Because this is one of those early films that got made (despite the best endeavours of the AFC) before The Control took over our film industry. It was a time when a thousand flowers bloomed. We thought that this little flower was the beginning of a type of film that would have many companions. Films that dealt with breaking issues before the mass media took them over and 'interpreted' them. Films with scripts that sounded like real Australian speak. Serious films with great music and a few laughs. Sigh. It never happened - despite a shelf full of unrealised projects. Never under-estimate the power of middle-class taste. But at least the Melbourne Herald called it 'the most evil film ever made'."

Bert Deling
October, 2007

Dates   Sat 17 Nov 2007, 4pm
No Longer Available
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