The Sentimental Bloke

Raymond Longford, 109 mins, Australia, 1919, B&W, Silent, 35mm. Print courtesy of the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia

image from the sentimental bloke
The Sentimental Bloke
Published in 1915, C.J. Dennis's Songs of A Sentimental Bloke attained the status of cultural treasure. Released four years after the poems, Raymond Longford's delightful screen version was an instant hit.

Transposing the setting from Melbourne to Sydney's waterfront Woolloomooloo, the story of a hard-drinking city larrikin tamed by love retains its sense of joyous discovery and exuberance.

Longford's casting was faultless; the 'bloke' (Arthur Tauchert) has a broad 'mick' face, gap teeth, and a coat straining at the buttons; his mate, the whippet-like Ginger Mick (Gilbert Emery), is all bravado and braces; Australia's first 'movie star', Lottie Lyell, gives Doreen a shrewd independence.

Dates   Sat 16 Jun 2007, 4pm
No Longer Available
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