Witches and Faggots, Dykes and Poofters

Unclassified 18+
Digby Duncan/One in Seven Collective, 45 mins, Australia, 1979. Source: National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

witches and faggots, dykes and poofters
Witches and Faggots, Dykes and Poofters
This ground-breaking documentary explores the history of the gay and lesbian movement up until the pivotal moment in 1978 when Sydney's first Mardi Gras protest march for gay rights ended in a riot and over 50 people arrested.

It is a "detailed examination of the Sydney street clashes, intimidatory and provocative anti-gay behaviour of the New South Wales police force, and the angry response of Sydney's gay community" Sydney Filmmakers Co-operative.

Screens with
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Dates   Sat 9 Feb 2008, 2pm
No Longer Available
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