New Documentary Shorts Presented with Women in Film and TV (WIFT)

Unclassified 18+
Total running time: 100 mins

searching 4 sandeep
Searching 4 Sandeep

Winner of the Best Documentary award at this year's World of Women (WOW) Festival, Poppy Stockwell's Searching 4 Sandeep is one of the works featured in this collection of documentaries by women directors.

Premiering at the 2007 Sydney Film Festival, Stockwell's film won the World Movies Channel Audience Award and has since been screened at the Melbourne and Brisbane International Film Festivals.

My Dad Susan
Teagan McCarthy, 7 mins, Australia, 2007
A young filmmaker who has been estranged from her father meets him for the first time. He graphically reveals a long held secret that he is in fact, Susan. His alter ego is a cross dresser.

Nigger Lovers
Rhonda Hagan, 25 mins, Australia, 2007
Follows one man's resistance against bigotry and prejudice in the face of overwhelming odds while it examines the use of language as a tool of oppression.

The Eye of a Lie
Inka Stafrace, 7 mins, Australia, 2007
An Australian activist visits Palestine to learn first hand what the 'occupation of Palestine' means to the people of Palestine.

Searching 4 Sandeep
Poppy Stockell, 55 mins, Australia, 2007
A humorous and poignant story of a young lesbian searching for and finding cross-cultural, long distance love on the internet. Poppy and Sandeep's tumultuous relationship spans across two years and thee continents. Multi award-winning.

Dates   Sat 5 Apr 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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