New Drama Shorts Presented with Women in Film and TV (WIFT)

Unclassified 18+
Total running time: 82 mins

A collection of the latest and sexiest drama short films from the WOW Festival 2007.

Eve Spence, 21 mins, Australia, 2006
Mind games can be fraught with danger in a playground. A powerful story of complex emotions, an allegory for the delicate roots of aggression. WOW Festival Fiction Winner (Joint) 2007.


Paola Morabito, 5 mins, Australia, 2007
A Vietnamese bread shop and a young girl's longing. Her friend plays soccer, she works with her parents.

Maia Horniak, 14 mins, Australia, 2006
Can true love find a way in a totalitarian future state? Alex Dimitriades and Megan Dorman star. Multi award-winning. WOW Festival Student Film Winner 2007.


Erin White, 8 mins, Australia, 2007
Boy meets girl in a refuge and find a connection in adversity. Each have their own secrets which are dramatically revealed.

Sex With The Ex
Leigh Richards, 7 mins, Australia, 2007
An Ex goes to extraordinary lengths to get what she wants. Award winning.  

Single Sexy Bilingual

Barbara Karpinski, 13 mins, Australia, 2007
A black comedy about being bi-sexual, bilingual and bipolar, and a fun romp in a Jewish nursing home.

Sexy Thing
Denie Pentecost, 14 mins, Australia, 2006
On a dry, suburban day, a 12 year old is caught between the conflicting worlds of family, friendship and imagination. Struggling to endure a confusing love, and longing simply to be seen, the child survives by transforming pain into beauty. Catherine McClements stars as the mother with Hanna Mangan Lawrence as the child, Georgie. Award winning.

Presented as part of the WOW Festival 2007.

Dates   Sat 29 Mar 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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