New Fiction Shorts Presented with Women in Film and TV (WIFT)

Unclassified 18+
Total running time: 85 mins

crocodile dreaming
Crocodile Dreaming
All the films in this collection of shorts from the World of Women (WOW) Festival 2007 have been produced in Australia. Many have been recognised internationally.

What Georgia Doesn't Know
Katelnd Griffin, 8 mins, Australia, 2007
Friendship can be complex - a young girl's unhappiness has many consequences.

Michaela Danby, 5 mins, Australia, 2006
Contrast the reality of a young Aussie soldier in New Guinea in WW2 and his thoughts of home. He writes a letter in which brutal images of warfare are transformed into exotic wonders of nature. Multi award-winning.

The Raid
Muy Lang Linda Ung, 3 mins, Australia, 2007
Crime doesn't pay - unless the substance is precious enough!

Head Over Heels
Haley Stibbard, 8 mins, Australia, 2007
An ageing biker finds an unusual solution to his romantic troubles. Ron must step into the alien world of beauty salons to win back the lady of his dreams.

The Uncertainty Principle
Jackie Schulz, 15 mins, Australia, 2006
An unusual friendship brings blossom to a desiccated life. Uncertainty can be a rewarding experience. Audience choice winner - WOW Festival 2007.

Marti's Party
Annabelle Murphy, 15 mins, Australia, 2006
A birthday party, a male mid-life crisis and a health crisis humorously exposes complex family relationships. Gary McDonald is an amusing hypochondriac with Diane Craig as his wife. Award-winning. WOW Festival Fiction Winner (Joint) 2007.

Crocodile Dreaming
Darlene Johnson, 27 mins, Australia, 2006
A modern day supernatural myth. Two estranged brothers, played by David Gulpilil and Tom E. Lewis struggle to come to terms with their traditional roles and identities. The spirit of their mother guides them through crocodile danger.

Presented as part of the WOW Festival 2007.

Dates   Sat 22 Mar 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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