australia day workshops

11am, 1.30pm, 4pm > Digital Studio
Australian Anthem

What does it mean to be Australian? What kind of music epitomises Australia? Is it the bush ballad or something more contemporary? Get hands-on in our high-tech studio to propose an alternative national song of your own!

Each session is limited to 18 participants. Bookings will be taken at the Digital Studio one-hour before each session.

10am - 4pm > ACMI Foyer
Ned Kelly Moving Portrait

Like an animated wanted poster, we're creating a moving image portrait of Melbourne's aspiring Kellys. Make your Ned Kelly mask on the day, or bring along one that you prepared earlier, to contribute your image to a mass mosaic of images to be shown on screen at ACMI.

10am - 4pm > ACMI Foyer
Scratch Animation Spectacular!

Contribute to this collaborative animation project. Starting from our Federation Square entry, we'll be on hand to show you how to scratch your imagery on to film stock.

We've got hundreds of metres of film for you to get creative with, and we plan to have it cascade over the ACMI balconies. The final product will be spliced together to create a collaborative film that will be screened at ACMI in the coming months.

Dates   Fri 26 Jan 2007
Admission   Free!
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