Matthew Barney on Film

Cremaster 4
Cremaster 4
Rediscover the immersive visual treasures from acclaimed artist Matthew Barney in this special season.

Thursday 1 July - Sunday 11 July 2010
Full $14 Concession $11
Cremaster Marathon $35

Matthew Barney: No Restraint

This enlightening film charts the creation of the mythical Japanese love story, Drawing Restraint 9.

Cremaster 1 + Cremaster 2

The first two films of Barney's Cremaster cycle begin his exploration of the process of creation.

Cremaster 3

The third film in the Cremaster cycle narrates the construction of New York's Chrysler Building.

Cremaster 4 + Cremaster 5

Barney's legendary Cremaster cycle is fuelled by jaw-dropping imagery and a melding of genres.


Seven leading art and film exponents explore the intersection between art and pornography.

Drawing Restraint 9

Myth and biology collide in this collaboration between Barney and Icelandic songstress, Björk.

Cremaster Marathon

See all five feature films of Matthew Barney's epic Cremaster cycle in one big sreening.

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