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bite me: narrative structures + buffy the vampire slayer

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No longer in print

Bite Me: Narrative Structures + Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sue Turnbull + Vyvyan Stranieri
ISBN 1 920805 00 1

The first in ACMI's new series of study guides, Bite Me is designed for Year 12 students studying Media Unit 3. It may also be adapted in parts for Years 10 & 11, and is also relevant to anyone teaching or learning about TV narrative.

table of contents

About This Study Guide
Part I
Teaching Narrative: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Sue Turnbull)
   Chapter 1 Why Study Buffy The Vampire Slayer?
   Chapter 2 What Is Narrative?
      Narrative Structure In Film
      Narrative Structure In Television
      Narrative Form In Buffy the TV Series
   Chapter 3 Story Arcs In Buffy the TV Series
Part 2
Suggested Teaching Modules on Narrative (Vyvyan Stranieri + Sue Turnbull)
   Chapter 4 A Note To Teachers
   Chapter 5 What's Audience Engagement?
   Chapter 6 Narrative And Mise En Scène
   Chapter 7 Symbolism And Metaphor
   Chapter 8 Classic Episodes, Scenes And Sequences
   Chapter 9 Relationship Arcs
   Chapter 10 Possible Teaching/Learning Strategies
   Chapter 11 Activity 1: Keeping A Logbook
   Chapter 12 Activity 2: How To Write A Close Analysis Piece
   Chapter 13 Some Questions
   References And Resources

about the authors

Sue Turnbull

Dr Sue Turnbull is a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at La Trobe University. For 10 years she was a teacher of English and Drama in the UK and the US before undertaking a Ph.D in Australia on the topic of media usage among young women. She is co-author (with Kate Bowles) of Tomorrow Never Knows: Soap on Australian Screens (Australian Film Institute, 1994), and has published extensively on the topics of media education, audience research and popular representations of crime and violence. She is currently writing a book about crime fiction readerships and embarking on a major project looking at Australian screen comedy. She watches television - a lot.

Vyvyan Stranieri

Vyvyan Stranieri is an Education Officer at ACMI Public Programs. She is a graduate of La Trobe University Cinema Studies, has taught VCE Media, co-ordinated the youth film festival for the Melbourne International Film Festival, was a street performance artist with Primary Source, and worked in public radio 3PBS and 3CR. She has published with the Australian Teachers of Media in Metro and Australian Screen Education, presented numerous conferences papers, and is passionate about the screen - especially TV. She too watches a lot of television.

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