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Tim Burton: The Exhibition

Education Program

and along come tourists
Edward Scissorhands

ACMI Screen Education has put together a series of workshops, screenings, lectures and resources for exploring the films of Tim Burton and the art forms within his works.

The programmed educational events are valuable accompaniments to a visit to the exhibition or rich experiences on their own.

They provide a variety of ways for teachers, primary and secondary-aged students to engage with the art of Tim Burton.

Interested teachers can contact ACMI Screen Education on 03 8663 2441 during business hours or can email

You can also download a PDF version of the Burton exhibition Education Program (PDF 350KB)

Activity Workshops

Rap to Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Tue 7 Sep, 10am-11.15am SOLD OUT
$15 per student
Studio 1
Ages: 8-11

Tim Burton loved Dr Seuss as a child - what child doesn't? Come and create your own Dr Seuss rhymes and be part of the general fun-filled silliness using classic Dr Seuss mixed in with Lewis Carroll. With Horton Hears A Who! and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as inspiration, write, view and perform to a backdrop from these two enchanting classic stories.

Animation Workshops

Stop Motion: with puppet models and found objects
Fri 23 Jul or Wed 25 Aug, 10am-3pm
Studio 2
Teacher Development

Fri 23 Jul or Wed 25 Aug, 10am-3pm$150Studio 2Teacher Development This one-day Teacher Professional Development workshop uses stop motion processes to create unique puppet models for an original animated story. Participants will write, storyboard, create settings and animate their original puppet characters before editing their final production.


Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

The Colourful World of the Burton-esque Fairytale
Tue 3 Aug, 10am-11.30am
$15 per student
Studio 1

Burton's fantastical fairytales and fantasy films (such as Big Fish, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland) represent surreal and wondrous worlds and characters through their magical and imaginative production designs. This lecture focuses on production design as an essential element of moving image making. Media, Design and Art studies. Years 7-10

The Inanimate Splendour of Burton's Creatures
Wed 4 Aug, 10am-11.30am
$15 per student
Studio 1

An investigation of the artistry of puppet animation through the art of stop motion animation. This lectures explores the extraordinary work of Ray Harryhausen, Jan Svankmajer and the Brothers Quay, amongst others, focussing on stop motion practices and aesthetics and production design. Media, Design and Art studies. Years 9-12

Film and the Gothic Imagination M (Supernatural Themes)
Wed 11 Aug, 10.30am-12pm
$15 per student
Cinema 1

Beginning with the sinister Dr Caligari and ending with Batman, this session of clips with discussion reveals cinema's dark side. Why are we so fascinated by outsiders and the dark, unknown worlds they inhabit? The films of the weird and wonderful Tim Burton are the main focus of this exploration of film and the gothic imagination. Media, English. Years 9-10

The Burton-esque Outsider
Wed 18 Aug, 10am-11.30am
$15 per student
Cinema 1

Tim Burton's characters and narratives often represent the 'outsider', the misunderstood, the lonely and the rejected. Burton explores these themes of the individual feeling outside, yet looking in, through beautiful characters full of pathos and understanding. This screening lecture focuses on narrative story elements in films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorshands, Vincent, Corpse Bride and Ed Wood, as well as in his book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. Media, English. Years 9-11

Film Screenings

The following screenings are introduced by a short discussion about the film:

Big Fish
Big Fish
Big Fish PG
Mon 23 Aug, 10am
Cinema 1
$10 per student A fantastical tale of love and longing as a son confronts his father's death and the fractured relationship they had. Told through flashback, the son,Will, discovers that his father Edward Bloom was not the uncaring liar he believed him to be. Big Fish is a magical story of redemption, forgiveness and a delightful journey of exploration.

Edward Scissorhands PG
Mon 23 Aug, 1.30pm
Cinema 1
$10 per student

Edward Scissorhands is a fairytale about the loneliness of the outsider. With his oversized and absurd scissor hands, Edward embodies the tragedy and misery of wanting to connect with the world but not being able to. The screening of Edward Scissorhands is preceded by a short introduction to the themes and distinctive visual style that characterises Tim Burton's work.

Corpse Bride PG
Tues 24 Aug, 10am
Cinema 2
$10 per student

Set in the late 1800s in a Victorian village, this beautifully crafted stop motion story of star-crossed lovers will delight audiences young and old as the protagonists face challenges from parental and societal expectations, and the afterlife!

Alice in Wonderland PG
Thu 16 Sep, 1pm
Cinema 1
$10 per student

The screening of this film is preceded by a short introduction highlighting the contribution of Burton's new interpretation to the long tradition of screen adaptation that has grown up around Lewis Carroll's classic texts Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Education Resources

These education resources are designed to support a broader understanding of the work of Tim Burton, but can be used within the classroom in a way that stands-alone after the exhibition closes. Copies of these education resources can also be obtained from ACMI Education at no charge.

The Fantastical Imaginings of Tim Burton
This resource investigates Tim Burton's artistic process as a filmmaker/artist and the collaborative nature of this process. The resource references art movements within visual art history as well as the intersection of art with cinema history and genre

Approaches to Alice in Wonderland
This resource provides eloquent and detailed discussion around both the filmic and literary traditions related to Alice in Wonderland.

Tim Burton and the Gothic Imagination
This resource is designed as an introduction to Burton's dark imagination and the Gothic textual tradition that has inspired him.

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